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Our story


About us


VITA Recherche is born in 2016 from an encounter.


In the field of collagen technology and operations for 20 years


Former dancer and multi-entrepreneur

Our company is focussed on our know-how: the collagen molecule.


CEO of VITA Recherche


I like to quote Shakespeare :

Which cannot be avoided, must be embraced.

I'm convinced that aging better is to live in harmony with one's age, preserve health and beauty from within.

This concept of healthy aging is what I wanted to offer through VITA Recherche's product lines.



Convinced by the anti-aging properties of collagen and its benefits for health and beauty, but unable to find sufficiently dosed and potent products on the market, we have developed a collagen of excellence, supported by scientific studies to meet our requirement.


A food supplement powder, easy to dissolve and drink, highly concentrated in collagen biopeptides.

Collagen Vital Power
First product

An innovative health / beauty supplement, genuine anti-aging, clean label, safe and multifunctional.

In 2021, COLLAGEN VITAL line extension aims at fulfilling everyone's needs offering customized products by application and targeted health benefits.

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Our Synergy
Inside / Outside

To further improve the results of our collagen supplements, we have created COVELINE PARIS, a range of dermo-cosmetics.

COLLAGEN VITAL and COVELINE act in synergy.

Faithful to our culture of performance with scientific backup, our cosmetics combine patented natural active ingredients and biotechnology.

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Our values: add life to your age

  • Made in France

    We want French scientific and technical know-how to be put forward, promoting the made in France.

  • Prevention

    We want to do everything possible to give the best in prevention and anti-aging regeneration with natural active ingredients.

  • Harmony

    We want a personalized experience so that everyone finds one's harmony between well-being, health and beauty through our natural products and simple routines.

  • Authenticity

    We would like everyone to regain one’s authenticity and accept oneself in order to live the best while aging.

  • Environment

    We cherish our planet for everything it gives us, we stand for local sourcing and respect the environment.