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Coveline Paris

Combining plant, marine nature and biotechnology innovation for your skin renewal


Our teams of biotechnologists and physicians have selected the best of nature, combined with biotechnological innovation.

Our know-how allows us to extract, from natural ingredients (plants, algae..), molecules with unbeaten functionalities, exhibiting outstanding properties: moisturizing, antioxydant, remodeling, structuring effects.

Our formulations are combining these active ingredients at high concentrations contributing to rapid results in less than 30 days.

Concentrated bio-sourced ingredients

For all skin types


COVELINE products are formulated with patented plant and marine molecules, selected for their anti-aging properties: polysaccharids, ceramids, pentapeptides, with proven efficacy in delivering preventive, curative and stabilizing properties.

  • Tested and approved

  • Biotechnology

  • Concentrated active ingredients

COVELINE designed by nature

  • Limited fragrance

  • Naturalness of our products: bio-sourced ingredients instead of chemical compounds

  • Certified free of paraben, endocrinal disruptors, preservatives

  • All skin types

  • Selection of pro anti-aging active ingredients

  • Sustainable technology servicing the preservation of natural ressources

Did you know ?

  • Polysaccharids

    Active ingredient extracted from Plant. They provide moisturizing, smoothing or anti-inflammatory effects, but also lifting effects. They are very well tolerated. Most known molecule amonts polysaccharids is hyaluronic acid.

  • Peptides

    Extracted from collagen molecule, peptides are fragments of collagen. They provide densifying, plumping effect.

  • Ceramids

    These are lipids extracted from seeds. They protect the skin against external factors by forming a protective layer which prevents from dehydration by evaporation.