Collagen Vital Power | Subscription
  • Collagen Vital Power | Subscription
  • Collagen Vital Power | Subscription
  • marine collagen peptides dissolved in water
  • Collagen Vital Power | Subscription

Collagen Vital Power | Subscription

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Super-dosed and multi-functional natural supplement

  • Pure marine collagen biopeptides | 10g per dose | Pack 30 sachets

  • Overall anti-aging Beauty & Health, regenerates your own collagen

  • Ingredients of natural origin. Free of Preservatives, Gluten, Lactose, GMO's

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Clean Label Made in France

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Our marine collagen powder is the combination of the following criterias of excellence

  • Fractionation and micro-granulation significantly increase the bioavailability (COLLAGEN VITAL POWER's specific peptides) and guarantee its maximum potency and efficiency

  • Dosage of 10 grams, recommended by anti-aging doctors, sport physicians and rheumatologists

  • Scientifically proven results

  • Customized, pure, Clean Label formulation, free of Preservatives, Gluten, Lactose, GMO's

  • 100% Made in France and approved product in accordance with most stringent standards

  • Peach flavoring, low caloric content and on-the-go sachet making COLLAGEN VITAL POWER your best ally of Beauty and Health "par excellence"

  • Recognized product distributes in many pharmacies

Collagen Vital Power's benefits


    • Increases moisturizing and elasticity
    • Regenerates skin density and plum up. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles


    • Regenerates your cartilage and strengthens bone density
    • Reduces inflammation and joint pain


    • Decreases muscle soreness
    • Improves recovery and performance


  • Regulates microbiota and satiety

Bénéfices Collagen Vital Power

Conditions of use

a nice smoothie to go along your Collagen Vital Power dose

Our suggestion to enjoy your supplement

The easiest way to consume our supplement: dilute in a galss of water, juice or milk (almond, soya, etc..). It's according your choice as you like.


Collagen Vital Power matches very well with spices, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, nutmeg, mint, basilic, ginger, honey, fennel, aragula, green vegetables and most of fruits, also with nuts and milks.

Take 1 sachet daily in a glass of water (or any other non sparkling beverage) and stir. Enjoy your drink after complete dilution.

To get the best of COLLAGEN VITAL's efficiency, physicians recommend a 1 to 3 month course. Renew according your needs.

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Active ingredients
10g pure marine collagen biopeptides (97,6% of net weight)
Other Ingredients
Natural flavor peach, lemon juice powder (Citrus Lemon), beetroot powder, stevia.

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